That name, that artist, is one of the most legendary names in all of country music.

Has there ever been a more smooth song stylist in country music history? And how many artist's (and wannabe artist's) have tried to, not only emulate that sound, but be that sound.

But there's only ever been one Jim Reeves.

July 31, 1964 will forever be a sad, tragic day of remembrance in country music history. That was the day we lost this incredible artist in an airplane crash at the much too young age of 40.

But we do have all those great songs, all those great memories.

Oh, and also some secrets!

In this great video Jim's manager Charlie Lamb brings us behind the scene's of this country music legend. From 'wear a toupee or not wear a toupee' and 'spped up the song or slow it down', let's learn some more about one of country music's greatest legend's.

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