Lauren Alaina continues to fearlessly tell her story through song with "Doin' Fine," the new single from her Road Less Traveled album.

This mid-tempo, feel-good song finds Alaina healing after her parents' divorce. She looks back on the pain and finds a rainbow to live beneath — are you noticing a theme? Emily Shackleton and busbee helped Alaina write the pop-friendly single, but it's hard to imagine another singer cutting it.

There are dark songs on Alaina's new album, but thus far she's released the inspiring, empowering anthems to radio. "Doin' Fine" will help others heal much like "Road Less Traveled" did, and like her most recent hit, there's no sharp edges to turn off radio programmers. It's a straight-forward pop-country song with more depth and certainly more vocal power than much of what's making Top 40 playlists these days.

Did You Know?: Alaina recently notched her first No. 1 song with "Road Less Traveled."

Listen to Lauren Alaina, "Doin' Fine"

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Lauren Alaina's "Doin' Fine" Lyrics:

Daddy got sober, Momma got his best friend / I’ve cut down crying to every other weekend / Thanks for asking how I’ve been, I’ve gotten too good at hiding it / With an ‘I’m okay, things are great’ but the truth is, yeah the truth is …

I’m doin’ fine enough to know that everyone’s a little broken / Fine enough to learn that hearts are best when they’re wide open / I still got fear inside of me, I’m not okay but I’m gonna be alright / For the first time, in a long time, I’m doin’ fine / I’m doin’ fine.

Daddy signed the papers the day I turned 19 / Momma drove north to find her new beginning / I blamed God, I blamed myself / Then I found my knees and prayed like hell / It’s funny how a touch of grace gives you healing, yeah I’m healing.

Oh, these growing pains, well, I wish they’d go away / But I guess you can’t be free without a fight.

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