The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race on Sunday (7/1) at Chicagoland Speedway produced one of the most exciting finishes of the year. It was Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson fighting it out on the racetrack to the end, especially on the last lap.

Both drivers were making contact with each other. Larson bumped the rear of Busch's car sending him into the wall. Larson went past for the lead.

But Busch came back hard and repaid Larson with a big jolt to the rear that sent Larson spinning. Busch straightened out his car and drove to the finish line for the win.

Larson recovered and just barely beat Kevin Harvick across the stripe for second place. Larson was a half second ahead of Harvick and 1.8 seconds behind Busch. See where your driver came in.

Busch tied Harvick for the most victories in the series this season, marking only the fourth time in series history that two drivers have each won five times in the first 17 races.

Busch really owes it to his pit crew for a stellar job on the final stop under caution. They got him out ahead of Harvick, and Busch led the rest of the way.

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