Keystone Treatment Center in Canton, South Dakota is celebrating it's 40th anniversary.

Executive Director Carol Regier says Keystone is an alcohol, drug and gambling treatment center.   "I was a nurse when the center was first opened in the early 70's.  Ive been at Keystone for 40 years.  At first, we treated just adults primarily for alcohol addiction.   But, with the drug problems that have developed over the years, we've had to enlarge our program to encompass those problems as well.  About 25 years ago, we added an adolescent program because we were seeing more kids in need."

Carol has this message for someone battling an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. "The thing I like to tell people is there is hope!  Most people when they come to us are pretty discouraged with life and their situation---and they've lost hope.  In coming to treatment,  we hope they can see light at the end of tunnel."

Carol Regier talks about Keystone Treatment Center and addiction on our video segment.


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