There will be a day, and it's coming sooner than you think, that you'll be rummaging through an old box...and you'll pull out a set of keys. And then the question will come loud and clear from your Grandson:

'What are those, Grandpa'?

According to, key's will soon join the 8-track tape player, rotary phone and the village smithy in the corner over there in the dust bin of history.

It's not surprising, I suppose. As they say 'Time marches on'. While many of us already use a card or electronic device to get into our work places and offices, it seems that more and more of us use our SmartPhone to unlock the car, start the car, unlock and lock the house and...on and on. The keys are losing out to technology.

So when that little rascal you call your Grandchild is all grown up, he or she will look at a set of keys and think 'Geez, those old folks had it tough!'

And whatever you do, when you buy something at the local store, and that little Grand Critter is with you, for goodness sakes don't pay with a check. They won't know what in the world you're doing!



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