There is real good traditional sounding country music out there. You may have thought it all went off somewhere in the dust bin of memories, but no.

Let me introduce you to Kevin Moon.

His new song 'Good Whiskey' flashes back to the likes of Daryle Singletary, John Anderson, Randy Travis, Doug Stone, and others from the 1980's and 90's. In fact, many of those very artist's sing on Kevin's albums.

Hailing from Ashland, Alabama, 'Good Whiskey' goes down like...well....good whiskey. A breath of fresh country music air, the song fits beautifully between the classics from Waylon and Willie, Merle and Milsap, Jackson and George. Influenced by many of those same artist's, Kevin puts a shiny new bent on the traditional sound so many of us love, and were afraid was lost.

Thanks to great artists like Kevin Moon, country music lives and lives well. Here's looking forward to more! And to read more about Kevin check out his website here.

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