Kasey Kahne finally wins a race again. He hasn't captured a NASCAR Cup win since 2014, some 102 races ago.

He did it Sunday at the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He got across the finish line just before the caution flag came out for a car spinning right behind him.

Sunday's race was full of wrecks and huge delays. Both weather and wreckage cleanup accounted for almost three hours of downtime.

Lightening and rain stopped the action for nearly two hours. Plus two separate wreck cleanups were each almost 30 minutes in length.

The two big wrecks came near the end of the race. One with 11 laps to go and the other in overtime.

The stoppage turned what was shaping up to be a fuel-mileage finish into a shootout ending. The race had seven different leaders and 17 caution flags. Plus three red flags, one for the weather and two for the big crashes near the end.

Brad Keselowski came home second, Ryan Newman third, Joey Logano fourth and Matt Kenseth rounded out the top five. See where your driver finished.

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