Last night a few of the players for the University of Kansas were out partying in Lawrence for the last night of Spring Break.

Starting guard Wayne Selden Jr. and forward Jamari Traylor, along with guard Devonte' Graham were seen at a local nightclub called the Hawk.

A source said that they allegedly had seen the athletes having a drink and dancing. He had also seen Selden Jr. tell multiple girls to put their phones away, but then gave one of the girls a hug to say he was joking.

Selden Jr. was later seen grabbing a girl's phone after she had been taking pictures of him in the club.

There are different opinions on athletes and partying during the season, but is it too much to ask for college basketball players to stay out of the bars during a national championship run?

Granted, I do believe that they deserve to go out and have their fun but three days before the Maryland game is pushing it. I don't have a problem with athletes going out to party during the season, but there is a time and place for it.

The problem isn't necessarily with these athletes being out, it's the fact of what could happen while they're out. Drunken altercations happen way too often with athletes because someone wants to play the tough guy in front of their friends.

Chances are that the night ends alright but what if something were to happen and it ruins their chance at a championship? Caution during a championship run might not be such a bad thing. The clubs and bars will still be thereafter April 4th.

Whether Selden Jr. was kidding or not, he probably knows that it's not a good look to be out on the town right now.

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