This kangaroo is a hop mess.

A man in Australia stumbled onto this poor kangaroo that could not figure out how to remove a bag of chips from its head. The marsupial jumps around helplessly, while his kangaroo buddy stands around like, "Yeah, I'm not sure what else we can do."

Then, around the 1:15 mark, our little flustered 'roo hops off in a mad dash that ends with him head butting a car (note the NSFW language of the man who owns the car when this happens). That's when the man recording the video steps in and decides enough is enough and pulls the bag off the animal's head, putting an end to this slapstick routine and giving our antagonist the much-needed relief he's been seeking.

Yup, you can be sure that blind people who've gone to see preachers have never been so excited to finally be able to say, "I can see!"

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