Remember when baseball was bigger than football and the World Series was the biggest sporting event on television, way bigger than the Super Bowl?

Don't worry, most people don't remember that. You have to be of a certain age, like me, to recall those long, long ago days.

So just how far has my all time favorite sport fallen?

Well, here's the deal:

I get home about, oh, 6:30 or so after work. I'm pretty pumped...after all, it's postseason time! Baseball playoffs, baby! The most exciting sports time of the year! Oh, I love me some baseball all season long. I've long advocated that opening day of the Major League baseball season should be a national holiday, a day off work, a day of grilled dogs and perfectly chilled Grain Belt long neck beer.

But the post season, that's when electricity fills the air, when all of us sit transfixed in front of the TV, analyzing every moment, pitch-by-pitch. Turn on that boob tube and crank it up!


Wait, where's the game? Where's this jewel called post season baseball?

Oh yeah, that's right. They had the Wild Card games on TBS. A quick switch to...uh...what channel is that again? I don't watch a lot of TBS through the year, so it takes a minute. Oh yeah, 742. (742? Back when baseball was king we only had three channels).

So I settle back in the recliner, put an extra onion on the hot dog, twist the top off the inviting Grain Belt and switch to 742.

The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory rerun is on TBS. A huge hit show that I've never seen. Uh-oh.

A quick switch to ESPN (620 on my fancy color TV). Hmm, those goal posts don't look like a pitchers mound to me. What the...? It's a college football game, but even worse it's...Tulsa vs. Houston. Who vs. who??

OK, I got it. This is the postseason, this is the real deal leading up to the real deal, the World Series. This must be on a Major Network.

ABC? No. CBS? No. NBC? No. Oh, of course...FOX!

A quick switch to 609 and I'm good to go! I'm gonna settle in Regular season NFL football. In fact, regular early season NFL football.

So up and down the dial I go (Oh wait, there hasn't been a dial on a TV since...well, since baseball was king). Past some Poker game on ESPN2, a rerun of an old college game on another channel, some college volleyball on a couple-three channels and there is was.

One game was on FS1 (the channel that normally will have an exciting poker game) and another on MLB (of course!).

So where will the next round be played? And the ultimate, the World Series? I don't know, maybe SyFy or TruTV, possibly CSPAN3.

But at least, finally, I found my postseason baseball playoffs! Hurray!

Except, of course, by now my hot dog is cold and my beer is warm.

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