It's 1984 and I didn't know who that was singing with Willie. In fact, I didn't even know how to pronounce his name!

By '84 Willie was already a one-name legend in country music, and he was well on his way to singing with virtually everybody. No, not just everybody in country music, everybody in music, period. But this guy? Hmm, he must be some newcomer.

Now, of course, all these years later I know that, well, apparently I was the newcomer.

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Julio Iglesias has sold over 100 million albums worldwide (in 14 languages!). He has 400+ records certified gold or platinum and is the best selling Latin artist in history.

Yep, I guess everyone in the world knew this guy except me. And yep, it took me about a month to correctly say his name.

The incredible single 'To All The Girls I've Loved Before' was from Julio's '1100 Bel Air Place' album and was a #1 hit virtually around the world. Not only was it a huge #1 country hit in the U.S., it was also a Top 5 pop hit.


And I found out one more thing. It wasn't just Willie that has recorded with, well, just about everybody. Julio has too, from the Beach Boys to Diana Ross to Dolly Parton and scores of others.

So while Julio Iglesias may be an unlikely country star, he and Willie made absolute musical magic in 1984.

Willie is, of course, still with us and recording and releasing new albums at the age of 88. And Julio. a sprightly 77, is still active as well. You can catch up with him at his website.

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