Let's hop into the country music time machine, shall we? OK, get buckled in, here we go!

It's May, 1984 and sandwiched atop the country music chart between 'I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes' by the Oak Ridge Boys and 'As Long As I'm Rockin' With You' by John Conlee is a familiar name.

Already a country music superstar and an acknowledged leader of the country music 'outlaw movement', there's no surprise that Willie is the king of the country music mountain.

But wait....wait just a doggone minute! Who's that singin' there with our Willie? Is it Waylon? No, there sure as heck doesn't look (or sound) like Ol' Waylon.

A new name emerged. A name that, if you were a stone cold country music fan, you'd never heard of. Heck, you couldn't even pronounce it! But he was, by this time, one of the biggest music star's in the world. And for those of us that loved country music, it was our introduction to...

Julio Iglesias.

No of course, all these many years later, we know Julio Iglesias, not only as one of the biggest entertainers in the world, but for his great duet classic with Willie 'To All The Girls I've Loved Before'.

Written by pop music songwriting legends Hal David and Albert Hammond, it was included on the album that 'broke' Julio to English speaking audiences, 1100 Bel Air Place. The album included guests like Diana Ross and the Beach Boys and almost certainly if not for Willie, 'To All The Girls I've Loved before' wouldn't have become a country music classic.

So then, thank you Willie...and thank you Julio...for one of the greatest classics in country music. The two also had a huge hit with 'Spanish Eyes' which Willie included on his What A Wonderful World album, but it was this duet that captured the country music world.

As a final note, whatever happened to Julio? Well, he's still with us having celebrated his 72nd birthday in September, 2015.


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