One of John Wayne's famous lines in a movie was, 'I never trust a man that doesn't drink.' Now the Wayne family is suing because of booze.

They are for drinking. They want to put their name on the bottles.

It's a university that's stopping them. So they are suing the university.

The family of legendary actor John 'The Duke' Wayne is suing Duke University over the use of the word 'Duke' in a trademark for alcoholic beverages.

John Wayne Enterprises, run by the Wayne family, filed for a trademark application last year to use the word on alcoholic drink labels.

Duke University, located in North Carolina, objected to the trademark. The school argued there could be a 'false suggestion of a connection' between the labels and the school. The Wayne heirs said there is no reason for confusion, and the university does not own the word 'Duke'.

So it's a battle over one word, the name 'Duke'. And what I find funny about the whole thing, is how John Wayne got the nickname in the first place.

It had nothing to do with his acting. He got the name 'Duke' from the family dog when he was a kid. And it stuck with him his whole life.

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