The job market seems to be improving. Reports are showing fewer people seeking unemployment benefits.

Positions are slowly becoming available. But one single job may attract hundreds of applicants.

Now's the time for you to land that new job. However, to get it, you will have to beat out the competition.

While you will have to have all your tools ready for that big interview, you know, the things that will help you get hired, beware of the things that will not get you selected.

There are major mistakes, according to, that you can make at a job interview. This is what actual employers had to say:

The most common mistakes people make at an interview

Answering cell phone or texting
Appearing disinterested
Dressing inappropriately
Appearing arrogant
Talking negatively about current or previous employers
Chewing gum

Just getting to the interview stage is a huge accomplishment. So, make sure you make the right impression! If it's a job worth having, you won't be the only one going after it.