Jason Aldean's Wikipedia page is full of plenty of information about his life, from his beginnings in Macon, Ga., to his education at Windsor Academy (also where CNN host Nancy Grace went to school), to his nine albums and more than two dozen singles.

There are some truths and some fallacies on his page, but Aldean says he has never corrected any of the mistakes himself.

"I actually don't know how to do that," he admits to Taste of Country. "I wish I could sometimes."

No worries. We've done the work for him. Watch the video above -- part of ToC's Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? series -- and listen to the singer-songwriter share, in his own words, which parts are true (his parents did actually divorce when he was three), which are false (he does not have a "man barn" on his 1,300-acre farm) and the real reason he dropped his last name, Williams.

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