I've always most admired the songwriters. There's a magic they can create that is like none other. Those word-stringers can move a person, move them to laughter or tears, to another place, another time.

Jamey Johnson is one of those word magicians.

I've said before (and often) that for me personally, Kris Kristofferson is the greatest songwriter of all time. I've done a fair amount of writing myself in my time and it can all be directly traced back to Kris. Decades ago when I 'discovered' Kristofferson it was...well...that magic I talked about.

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Through the years there have been others. Willie. Jerry Jeff. Guy. Prine. Ed Bruce. And others.

Including Jamey Johnson. He's coming to Sioux Falls, to the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds on Tuesday, June 15th. And this is gonna be a great show! It's been a long time for many of us since we saw a great concert. Well, one is coming up.

Jamey wrote and recorded what I consider to be the finest country song of the past 20 years. 'In Color' has it all. If you let it, it will take you through your own life, or your family's life. Part of the 'magic' of a great song is that it speaks plainly and directly...and movingly.

Another mark of a great song? It never gets old. It never dies. 'In Color' is one of those songs. 20, 30, 40 years from now it will be just as powerful as it was in 2008, just as powerful as it is today.

And Jamey recognizes greatness as well, as evidenced in a terrific album he recorded with some amazing friends Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran an album he released in 2012.

I don't give out a lot of advice. I have my hands full just tryin' to stumble along through my own life. But I would say this: Do yourself a favor and head out to the W.H. Lyon Fairground on June 15th and treat yourself to an evening with one of the best singer/songwriters on the planet. Tickets go on sale on March 5th at 10:00 AM.

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