I'm a very picky eater. I don't like any seafood, I'll pass on the majority of veggies, and I rarely like that flavored Styrofoam tasting fruit. It's usually always been meat and potatoes for me.

So when traveling to a place full of seafood and other styles of food, life doesn't always become easy.

At least the "Big Easy" was really easy.

I had my first experience with a few local flavors in New Orleans this past weekend. Included in that was a cup of gumbo (spicy sausage and chicken...not seafood), and jambalaya.

Leaving New Orleans without trying something of their local nature would have left me in much disappointment. I made the decision at Pat O'Brien's on Bourbon St to try the jambalaya. I surely was knocked off my feet with how good it was.

Jambalaya New Orleans
Jerry Palleschi/KIKN

The mixture of all of the flavors left me begging for even more. All of the spices were done to perfection, not overly hot but a nice kick to it. It was all cooked together and the meat was tender.

After finding out my love for the jambalaya, I had to try something else. On my next trip to the restaurant (we had gift cards through our travel package), I finally tried the gumbo. It certainly had more kick than jambalaya in terms of being spicy. The gumbo also added a nice complement to the jambalaya (yes, I had to have it again).

On the plane ride back, I started thinking about where people stop when they travel to certain places. It was a given that Dunkin' Donuts at the Denver airport was going to get our business, so what do others enjoy when they travel? I posed the question today on KIKN.

What to eat/where to go when traveling:

Jerry P. - Jambalaya & gumbo in New Orleans, Dunkin' Donuts ANYWHERE

Rosie - Runza in Omaha

Amber - Nick's Hamburgers in Brookings

Samantha - In & Out Burger in Arizona

Ryan - Dar's Pizza in Pipestone

Travis - The Owl in Canyon City, CO

Dan - Nebrask Inn, Gross NE

Patty - Anywhere on the East Coast for Chinese Spare Ribs

I'm going to have to start traveling more...

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