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If you've shopped at Sam's Club, you know that after checking out, you are typically asked by a receipt-checking associate near the exit to show proof of purchase.

It's not usually a big deal, but waiting to exit can be frustrating, especially during peak times when lines are backed up. Now, Sam's Club is taking steps to enhance our shopping experience by revamping the exit process entirely.

High Tech Changes Coming To Minnesota Sam's Clubs

According to Supermarketnews.com, "Sam’s Club is testing out an application of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology."

So, instead of waiting at the exit for someone to check your receipt and your cart, you'll be able to walk right out the door. As you do, you'll pass through a scanner (see below) that will automatically check the products in your cart to make sure they match what you paid for.


Walmart's corporate site posted a quote from, Chris Nicholas, the CEO of Sam's Club, who said, “This is Sam’s Club at its very best, listening to feedback from members, putting their needs at the center of everything we do – and then applying digital innovations to deliver an industry-leading member experience. We are constantly looking at ways for Sam’s Club to be the most convenient membership club and will continue to prioritize using technology to provide a truly differentiated and delightful experience for our members.”

Sam's is testing the technology at 10 locations now but plans to have it installed in each of its nearly 600 clubs by the end of the year.

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