There is no doubt that Iowa's Caitlin Clark has got major game. The reigning national player of the year in women's college basketball is having another amazing year, leading the nation in scoring, and closing in on the NCAA record for most points scored in women's college basketball history. But Clark also has a solid shoe game, and there is one kind of shoe that she loves more than any other.

As you no doubt know by now, one of Clark's many profitable NIL deals is with Nike. So it makes sense that Caitlin would rock some cool shoes whenever she hits the court. When my daughter and I saw her play against Minnesota she was wearing a pair of pink Nike lows. Last night against Purdue she wore some that were gray and green. But Clark can often be seen wearing Nike basketball shoes made for the late, great, Kobe Bryant.

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During March Madness last year, Caitlin was seen wearing the Nike Kobe 5 prototype 'Bruce Lee' colorway. According to StockX, these shoes were released in 2010. The black and yellow coloring honors Bruce Lee's jumpsuit he wore in 'Game of Death.' The shoes originally cost $180, but now go for up to $700 on StockX.

In addition to the Bruce Lee's, Caitlin has been spotted wearing other colorways including this year during an away game at Rutgers. Check out the Kobe 6 'Grinch' edition!

Don't tell me that kids don't notice what shoes Caitlin wears. My daughter Cayleigh saw her on TV wearing these Kobe's and asked if she could get a pair. StockX has them priced at over $1,000! Sure kid...sure.

Along with the Kobe 'Grinch' colorway, Caitlin also rocked the Kobe 'Reverse Grinch' shoes this year. StockX has that model priced at over $200. But as she often does after games, Clark gave those shoes away to a young fan.

What shoes did Caitlin wear for her amazing buzzer-beater against Michigan State? Another rare pair of Kobes, of course. Clark wore a pair of Kobe 6 Mambacitas, shoes dedicated to the memory of Kobe and his daughter Gigi Bryant. StockX sells them for over $500.

I love seeing what shoes Caitlin wears during a game, but hey Nike...why not just give her a shoe of her own? The Nike 'Caitlin Clark' in Hawkeye black and gold. Who wouldn't buy a pair of those?

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