With the price of gas climbing and the fact that a buck doesn't really get you what it used to, it's no wonder people are trying to find some deals on everyday essentials. If you've got a Costco membership, you are probably trying to save some money by buying items in bulk but have you ever noticed some price tags at a Costco are 'different'? I finally found out what the green different-looking tag means!

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As you stroll the aisles of Costco you might have come across a different-looking price tag. They are generally white with the product name and price on them, but sometimes you'll see a price tag that is a different color, most of the time the other colored tag is green, and I finally found out what that means.

So the green tags mean the item is organic! I had no idea it was so simple! Here I was thinking that the different colored tag might mean that it's going on sale soon, or that it's a limited product, but no all it means is that the item associated with that sign is organic.

How about some bonus Costco knowledge? If you see an asterisk * on a price tag at Costco, you better buy it, as that asterisk means that item won't be restocked, so when it's gone it's gone.

So the next time you are walking the aisles of a Costco, and you see a green sign, or an asterisk you can elbow your shopping partner and drop some Costco knowledge on them.

H/T to the Facebook group Costco Finds for the knowledge!

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