Sioux Falls and greater South Dakota have never had a gigantic impact on the National Football League, but it's very safe to say that the impact is growing each and every year.

This year, Sioux Falls has a ton of NFL Draft hopefuls, and could see at least three players drafted over the weekend in Detroit.

South Dakota's colleges have been sending a lot more players to the NFL these days, as last year we saw South Dakota State Tight End Tucker Kraft get drafted in round 3 by the Green Bay Packers.

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Recently, we also had Chris Oladokun (SDSU) and Jack Cochrane (USD) win a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, and many others make it to the pro level.

Here in Sioux Falls, our current most obvious link to the NFL is C.J. Ham, who played his college ball at Augustana, and has had a nice long career to this point with the Minnesota Vikings.

Beginning on Thursday, it's likely that we see at least three other Sioux Falls natives make the jump to the league. It's a very exciting time for South Dakota as well as our great city.

Let's meet them!

Mason McCormick - Sioux Falls Native, Roosevelt Grad - Offensive Guard - SDSU

NFL Combine
Getty Images - Mason McCormick

Tip Reiman - Sioux Falls O'Gorman Grad - Tight End - University of Illinois

Illinois v Purdue
Getty Images - Tip Reiman

Cooper DeJean - Born in Sioux Falls - Cornerback - University of Iowa

Iowa v Minnesota
Getty Images

There are a ton more local connections in this year's draft, and we could have upwards of 5 South Dakota college athletes selected.

According to, here are the South Dakota college athletes highlighted as potential pros:

Myles Harden - Cornerback - USD

Jadon Janke - Wide Receiver - SDSU

Jaxon Janke - Wide Receiver - SDSU

Zach Heins - Tight End - SDSU

Mason McCormick - Guard - SDSU

Garrett Greenfield - Tackle - SDSU

Isaiah Davis - Running back - SDSU

There could be others, but this is a HUGE year for South Dakota collegiate athletes making the move to the NFL.

The NFL Draft is Thursday through Saturday from Detroit. Listen to live coverage on ESPN 102.3 AM 1000 KSOO on Thursday and Friday Night, and best of luck to all of our local athletes!


South Dakota Born NFL Players of this Century

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