Hope springs eternal. It's that time of year in the NFL where every fan and fanbase is hopeful.

The Minnesota Vikings have a solid roster, and all they need is a new leader at the game's most important position.

There are some on the fringes that may believe that veteran Sam Darnold is that guy, but the majority of fans are ready for the Purple and Gold to take a QB in the first round next week.

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ESPN always has top tier draft coverage, mock drafts, and player profiles, and a new simulator will now give you the opportunity to match a QB with the Vikings and learn more about their options.

It's an in-depth deep dive into the top 6 QBs in this year's draft, who many believe will all be selected in the first round. Here's Adam Schefter's take:

Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels appear very likely to be the top 2 selections come next Thursday Night, but everyone else may be at least partially on the table for Minnesota.

The Vikings will have to trade up (presumably) to acquire JJ McCarthy or Drake Maye, but may be able to stand pat at pick #11 for Bo Nix of Michael Penix Jr.

There are a ton of options for Minnesota, but if you'd like to explore them all, have fun with the free and informative matching game at ESPN.com!

Source: ESPN.com

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