The Minnesota Twins had high hopes of winning the AL Central title in 2022 and lead the division for the majority of the season until a late season collapse forced them to miss the playoffs all together.

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Heading into the offseason, the hope for Twins fans was they would improve drastically their roster via free agency but that hasn't really occurred.

The Minnesota Twins have only signed two players in free agency so far since the 2022 season came to an end.

Minnesota signed catcher Christian Vazquez to a 3-year $30,000,000 contract and slugger Joey Gallo to a 1-year $11,000,000 deal.

Catcher was certainly an area of need and adding depth to the outfield and pop to the lineup is a big deal for the Twins.

That said, the offseason hasn't gone to plan, and moving forward it will be interesting to see what Minnesota is able to do before the start of the season.

Now obviously, the hope was to sign shortstop Carlos Correa but that didn't work out to this point, and according to recent reports they may be able to circle back on that considering Correa is still unsigned, but that situation certainly hampered Minnesota this offseason.

For more information on the Minnesota Twins, their current roster, and their 2023 regular season schedule, you can visit their team website.


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