The Minnesota Twins have had a very interesting off season and that continued on Friday.

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Minnesota executed a big time trade and added much need help to their pitching staff in the process.

The Twins sent Luis Arraez to the Miami Marlins in exchange for pitcher Pablo Lopez and a pair of prospects.

Arraez was the 2022 batting champ, but the Twins need pitching help at this point more than they need batting help and the hope is some of the young players on the Twins roster will make up for the Arraez departure.

Pablo Lopez is a very good starter and will slot in near the top of the rotation for Minnesota this year and hopefully be a force on the mound.

This deal comes a week after the Twins were able to circle back and get Carlos Correa to resign in free agency, showing their continued commitment to try and make a run at a AL Central title in 2023.

For more information on the Minnesota Twins, their current roster and their upcoming 2023 schedule, you can visit their team website. 

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