Some of the best campgrounds in the country are the ones that have been around for decades. Whether privately owned or franchised. Camping is cool!

The first time we stayed at a KOA Campground we chose the West Gate KOA Holiday in Yellowstone Park. It was a long day of travel and dark by the time our tent was set up. Then we woke up to 10 inches of snow. Yes, camping is cool!

The best of the best KOA Campgrounds were recognized recently at Kampgrounds of America, Inc.’s Annual International Convention.

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South Dakota was represented well with the KOA highest service award, the President’s Award, and Founder’s Award going to Sioux Falls KOA Journey Campground.

The KOA Founder’s Award, named in honor of Dave Drum, who founded KOA on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Billings, Mont. in 1962, is KOA’s highest service award. It is awarded exclusively to those KOA campground owners and managers who attain world-class scores in both customer service and the KOA Quality Review.

The KOA President’s Award is presented to those campgrounds meeting exceptional quality standards and who receive high customer service scores from their camping guests. KOA surveys hundreds of thousands of campers each year regarding their KOA camping experience.

Other South Dakota KOA locations also received recognition:

Badlands / White River KOA Holiday
Belvidere East / Exit 170 KOA Journey
Custer / Mt Rushmore / Black Hills KOA Holiday
Hot Springs / Black Hills KOA Holiday
Kennebec KOA Journey
Mitchell KOA Journey
Rapid City / Black Hills KOA Holiday
Sioux City North KOA Holiday
Sioux Falls KOA Journey
Spearfish / Black Hills KOA Holiday
Yankton / Missouri River KOA Journey
Deadwood / Black Hills KOA Holiday
Mount Rushmore KOA Resort at Palmer Gulch

Minnesota Awards:

Bemidji KOA Journey
Cloquet / Duluth KOA Journey
Jackson KOA Journey
Rochester / Marion KOA Journey
Albert Lea / Austin KOA Journey
Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey
Minneapolis Southwest KOA Holiday

KOA is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2022. To find out more about this KOA campground, or the more than 500 KOAs across the U.S. or Canada.

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