The first time I saw and heard this amazing young lady sing I was blown away

About a month ago here in Mandan, the 2nd Annual Mac and Cheese Fest occurred at Dykshoorn Park. On a warm afternoon, there were so many happy people walking around sampling the different varieties of vendors -  the goal was for them to WIN a First-place trophy and bragging rights for a full year - In my opinion, we were all winners, and here is why: Singer 16-year old Lilly Danielle.

My job that day was to make stage announcements and introduce some of the entertainment acts - Lilly was the last one I introduced to the crowd before I left the event. As I started walking towards the exit, I heard a magical booming voice. I stopped immediately, and as I turned around, her stepdad saw the look on my face. That's THE LOOK that Lilly gets everywhere she performs. He told me just how modest she is, and we both agreed that someday she will be a huge star - she loves singing and making people happy - and that is so obvious to see.

I had a chance to talk to her on the phone for about 15 minutes

At 4 years old she attended Children's Music Academy in Fargo.  She was playing the FOUR YEARS OLD!  There she was at 10 years old learning how to play the guitar. Influences in her life - her Aunt and an old guitar teacher. Favorite people that have INSPIRED her - once again her Aunt - Stevie Nicks - Pink - Whitney Houston.    When she was about to turn 15, she had her first gig.

I had a million questions for her...I also wanted to point out some observations that in my mind show what kind of person she is


On her personality page on Facebook - THIS grabbed my attention right away - December 23, 2023

Now, check this out:


 Videos and recordings are awesome, but they don't do her justice - when you hear the range in her voice in person, like I said earlier, it will blow you away. 

Some of her answers to my many questions were...

"My favorite songs to perform are "What’s Up" by the 4 Non-blondes and I hate myself for lovin' you by Joan Jett and the black hearts. These songs show the best of my voice and always get the crowd going!
My aspirations and goals at the moment are to release my album and incorporate music into my everyday life after high school. I want to go to college for music therapy and eventually work in a nursing home to help patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s".

If you are wondering where Lilly has performed in the past, check this out:


Grand Ole Brewery, Fargo ND - March 10
Swing Barrel Brewing, Moorhead MN - June 3
Wells County Fair, Fessenden ND - June 23 & 24
Suite Shots, Fargo ND - June 29
Arts in the Park, Harvey ND- August 10
Avalynn’s Benefit, Valley City ND - August 25
Swing Barrel Brewing, Moorhead MN - September 16
Suite Shots, Fargo ND - November 2
West Acres Mall, Fargo ND - November 24
National Anthem, Fargo Force Game - November 24
Grand Ole Brewery, Fargo ND - December 9
Swing Barrel Brewing, Moorhead MN - December 16
Suite Shots, Fargo ND - December 28
701 Eateries, Fargo ND - January 25
Grand Ole Brewery, Fargo ND - March 30
701 Eateries, Fargo ND - April 18
National Anthem, Scheels Arena - April 27
Mac & Cheese Festival, Mandan ND - May 11

She said to me Saturday that she was working on an album. Here is more on that:

professional music journey began in June
2022 when she recorded her first original
song in Nashville, TN and later recorded three
more originals in Minneapolis, MN. Her first
single, A Part of You, was released in
November, 2022 and has gained a supportive
fan base among her peers.


Have you ever wondered to yourself what kind of emotions go through your head seconds before you sing the National Anthem at Sheels Arena in Fargo?

"sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to realize you are capable of doing amazing things"



Lilly has all the tools to be a superstar, not to mention a very important element - she can relate to all ages - because once again, she loves to entertain - the compliments she receives from other musicians are HUGE, however, it's her approachable personality and warm heart that stand out as well.

Lilly Danielle

Lilly Danielle[/cap

Lilly Danielle
Lilly Danielle
Lilly Danielle
Lilly Danielle


Lilly Danielle
Lilly Danielle


Lilly Danielle
Lilly Danielle


To me, an entertainer is a person that makes you happy. Someone who helps take you away from all your worries - a REAL smile and a GOLDEN soothing voice ALWAYS WIN in life and on the stage...



If you are interested in this young superstar-to-be, here is some info for you...

Lilly Danielle
Lilly Danielle


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