Some people are so quick to jump to conclusions - to think the absolute worst

That's what is happening here in Bismarck and I'm sure other cities around the country. Someone happens to walk by an empty shelf, with some key name tags on it - like for instance - "MOVIES" "MOVIES" "MOVIES" "MOVIES" - and notices right away, and jumps to conclusions that ALL Best Buy stores in the company have put a stop to selling "MOVIES"...and anything digital. Take a look at a picture someone took and sent it to a Facebook page - Nerd Informants Facebook Page

Nerd Informants Facebook Page
Nerd Informants Facebook Page
"The end of an era. Best Buy has begun removing all physical media and displays today.
So now that you had a good look at the lonely shelf picture, was your immediate thought that Best Buy was ending its run at selling movies and media digital items? Well, I had a co-worker send me this, and at first glance, I have to admit that would make sense - and quite frankly it wouldn't surprise me. I can tell you though for all of us Best Buy friends you can relax.

I took a couple of minutes this afternoon and placed a call to our very own Best Buy store

I wanted to know if all the rumors were valid - IF Bismarck's Best Buy matched the photo - the employee that my call was patched to was engaging, honest, and assured me that he even saw that same picture, and "...Bismarck's Best Buy is doing just fine, thank you"  -c  I laughed alongside his friendly good-natured attitude - I agreed with him 1,000 % when he said that some people try and twist and turn everything into a negative. So listen, Best Buy here in Bismarck still sells  "MOVIES" "MOVIES" "MOVIES" "MOVIES"   - Okay? Good.

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