We'll cut right to the chase and let you in on the rudest city in America: New York (once again) takes the prize, according to a recent survey by Business Insider.

There are others that really come as no surprise like Philadelphia. The so-called City of Brotherly Love' is known for it's boisterous and rude sports fans, booing Santa Claus, and rioting after sporting wins or losses.

Los Angeles, you're also in there coming in second right behind New York.

But what about the commonly heard 'Midwest Nice' cities? Here's where some of the Heartland's rudest cities are:

46th rudest city: Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN. What happened to the home of Grain Belt and the Twins?

4th rudest city: Chicago, IL. Y'all night be in a better mood if you took down the toll booths every mile. 

49th rudest city: Milwaukee, WI. I visit frequently and I find this quite surprising. Always had a great experience here from dining, shopping, and business.

39th rudest city: Oklahoma City, OK.

32nd rudest city: Kansas City, MO.

30th rudest city: St. Louis, MO. Eastern St. Louis has become well known for it's crime rate. 

19th rudest city: Cleveland, OH. Oh c'mon...the town of Christmas Story? Perhaps every house should have a leg lamp in the window!

14th rudest city: Dallas, TX. The Cowboys and Philadelphia football fan bases have been ranked the most annoying by football fans. 

Business Insider partnered with SurveyMonkey and asked more than 2,000 American adults, asking to choose the five rudest cities in the United States from a list of the 50 biggest cities.

These cities are far larger than our hometown of Sioux Falls, SD., but gosh darn we're pretty polite here you betcha.

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