It seems like when South Dakota gets a mention on one of the late-night comedy shows it's usually to mock the state for some failed public service campaign.

I'm looking at you 'Don't Jerk and Drive' (2014) and 'Meth. We're On It.' (2019)

But this past weekend, when the Mount Rushmore got a quick shoutout during the Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live, it was something completely different.

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The premise of the bit was a performance from the show's 'backup' musical guest, in this case, the fictional group Remember Lizards, played by cast members James Austin Johnson and Andrew Dismukes.

They bill their music as 'uplifting, kid-friendly, hip-hop/arena rock, with a pop-up edge' but it becomes clear very quickly that the group is nothing more than a ripoff of the band Imagine Dragons. And not a very good one at that.

As host Colin Jost interviews Remember Lizards, the band invites him to their next gig in 'Vegas'.

That's where the South Dakota reference comes in (at 1:48 in the video):

Sadly, neither 'Vegas, South Dakota' nor 'The Cylinder' are real places.

The closest I could find was Club Vega on Main Street in Kimball, but there are no abandoned grain silos there. Just the 'Best.Steak.Ever.' and darts.

Club Vega - Kimball SD

There is a movie called The Cylinder. It's a 2014 film about an 'ongoing competition to determine who the six best live-ammo duelists in America are'. As far as I can tell there are no references to South Dakota in the script. But, judging from its trailer, this movie is just as bad as Remember Lizards:

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