Even before Season 44 of the long-running reality competition show Survivor makes its debut in March on CBS, the odds of a Minnesotan winning the $1 million grand prize are not too bad.

Of the 18 players who arrived in Fiji last June to begin recording the season, three were born in the North Star State and one still lives there.

Two of them will begin the adventure as members of the same tribe.

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Carolyn Wiger - Survivor 44
Robert Voets/CBS

The Tika roster includes Carolyn Wiger, a 35-year-old drug counselor from Hugo. She is from St. Paul originally and has been clean and sober for the past 13 years.

She lists her hobbies as gardening, ice skating, and rescuing bunnies.

Sarah Wade - Survivor 44
Robert Voets/CBS

The other Minnesota native on the Tika tribe is Sarah Wade.

The 27-year-old management consultant is originally from Rochester and now lives in Chicago.

Her hobbies are doing anything outdoors, biking, working out, playing beach volleyball, reading, eating raw food, and drinking sweet drinks.

Frannie Marin - Survivor 44
Robert Voets/CBS

The third Minnesota native in this season's cast is 23-year-old Frannie Marin, who will be the youngest woman on the island. She will begin the show as a member of the Soka tribe.

Marin is originally from St. Paul and is now a research coordinator in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She lists her hobbies as collecting leaves, game nights, and collaging.

Season 44 of Survivor debuts Wednesday, March 1 on CBS with a two-hour episode.

Seven players with Minnesota connections have competed in previous seasons of the show:

  • Gary Stritesky/Ramsey (Survivor: Fiji - Season 14/voted out 4th)
  • Ashley Trainer/Maple Grove (Survivor: Samoa - Season 19/voted out 6th)
  • Keith Tollefson/Edina (Survivor: South Pacific - Season 23/voted out 8th)
  • Peter Baggenstos/Minneapolis (Survivor: Kaoh Rong -Season 32/voted out 7th)
  • Sunday Burquest/Otsego (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Season 33/voted out 14th)
  • Katrina Radke/Excelsior (Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers - Season 35/voted out 1st)
  • Laurel Johnson/Minneapolis (Survivor: Ghost Island - Season 36/finished 3rd)

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