News came out last week that Aldi Stores are doing away with plastic bags, and now I see that Walmart might be giving serious thought to ditching self-checkout lanes in some of its stores.

Myself, I think that's an awesome idea. I say do it!

Sure, self-checkout stands are convenient when they work, but almost every time I'll attempt to use one, it seems like something always goes haywire, and then you need to get a human to come over and assist you. So ultimately, you stand there waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Then you start getting the stink eye from all the people in line behind you because you're the nimrod that screwed something up. Generally, it ends up being a very frustrating experience.

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According to an article from WKMG, Walmart is contemplating making this change due largely in part to what they refer to as "shrink" a term that is used for merchandise losses due to customer error and intentional shoplifting.

The story states that studies have shown that self-checkout lanes have proven to lead to high losses in large department stores like Walmart and Costco. This often stems from customers experiencing difficulties scanning certain products, especially items that require the customer to manually enter a product code.

I am the customer they're describing. I tend to ride the struggle bus when being forced into situations like that. In radio, we call those types of mistakes, "pilot errors." And I'm notorious for making them, you can just call me "Captain Error."

According to the story, Walmart has already removed self-checkout lanes from some of its stores, in favor of actual humans at the helm again inside checkout stands. It's like it's 1992 all over again!

However, don't count on that move happening in cities like Sioux Falls and the great majority of other Walmart markets. The retailer says self-checkout lanes are more than likely here to stay due to convenience and the labor-free cost-saving measures they provide.

So, next time you shop at Walmart, be prepared to continue hearing... "Can I get a store representative to aisle number one for customer assistance, please? Thank you!"

Source: WKMG

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