'Tis the season to be jolly, unless, of course, some asshat gives you a good reason not to be.

And this time of year, there is no shortage of those types out wandering around that can easily send a person on a vulgar-laden tirade at the drop of a hat.

A classic example of that is when someone cuts you off in a Christmas shopping line, takes your parking spot, rips the last Nintendo out of your hands during a crazed Black Friday shopping experience, or is driving like a complete dipstick in traffic on 41st Street on the last weekend before Christmas.

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Let's be honest, it's easy to break into a stream of profanity most days that might even make legendary comedian George Carlin say...whoa, dude, chill out!

The bottom line is, that Americans like to swear. Most of us do on occasion, some more than others. Some of us use mild profanity, while others will let a stream of vulgarities rip that could cause a drunken sailor on a weekend pass to blush.

Back in June of 2022 a company called WordTips compiled data derived from Tweets sent in every state. The information they collected was focused on which curse words were the most popular in each state, and how often they were used in everyday conversation.

What they found was America's favorite swear word is S#!T! That word was used the most often in 15 different states throughout the country, closely followed by the F-Bomb as the go-to piece of profanity in 13 additional states.

Here in the great state of South Dakota, when we choose to let a colorful expletive fly we're actually pretty mild, the word "hell" is generally about as nasty as the average South Dakotan gets. Obviously, they failed to question people in the broadcast industry. Trust me, we have some of the worst potty mouths in the world.


If you happen to be looking for a swear-free zone don't visit the state of Georgia any time soon. You're gonna need earmuffs for the kids. According to the folks at WordTips, they are the most foul-mouthed state in the nation. Conversely, residents in Minnesota swear the least. Here comes that whole "Minnesota Nice" thing again.

Here are a few more profane fun facts:

  • Americans do their best swearing in the middle of the night. WordTips reported a spike in the use of profanity starting at 1 AM.
  • Tuesday is our favorite day of the week to cuss, followed by "hump day Wednesday.
  • When it comes to using vulgarities on a holiday, Americans also do their best swearing on Independence Day. Evidently, we like to let freedom and a few F-Bombs ring when we celebrate the 4th of July.
  • The residents of Atlanta supposedly swear the most often, while the mild-mannered folks of Minneapolis swear the least.
  • And finally, the favorite swear word in Idaho is by far the mildest one used in the country. The most frequently used piece of profanity in Idaho is the word... "crap!" By the sounds of it, I'm guessing the lines at the confession booths in Idaho churches aren't that long on most days.

Being that it is the Christmas season, I thought I'd leave you with one of my favorite holiday rants from Clark W Griswold after he found out his boss put the kibosh on the holiday bonuses.


Source: WordTips

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