Because I live very close to the Sanford Children's Castle, it's been obvious lately that something new was coming to the campus of the hospital. But the question was what exactly was it going to be?

Now, thanks to Dakota News Now, we know that a brand new accessible pediatric park for patients and their families is being built right in front of the hospital on part of the greenway.

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It will be called the Billion Pavillion. The $1.4 million project is completely funded by donations from community members including David and Christine Billion who donated one million dollars. Other large donors include Henry Carlson Company, Panda Express, and Northwestern Mutual.

Sheri Fischer, the executive director of the Sanford Children's Hospital praised the "therapeutic benefits" that playing outside offers to children who are patients at the castle.

“Even though we are very blessed to have indoor play spaces within our Sanford Children’s castle where children can go to get out of their patient room, play for a while and just be a kid," Fischer said in a press release, "We also know that children want to be outside and not trapped indoors when it’s nice out. This outdoor park and respite area will allow children to play and experience the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors as they heal and recover from their illness.”

The park will feature equipment that is completely accessible for kids but will also have gardens, areas for physical therapy, and a shaded picnic shelter area. It is scheduled to be completed in October of 2023.

Source: Dakota News Now, Sanford Health

Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon and Townsquare Media Sioux Falls

Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon 2023 Presented By Jerry's Auto Sales: Sept 28 and 29, 2023

For fifteen years Result-Townsquare Media Sioux Falls has been helping raise money to fight childhood cancer.

Sadly, more than 11,000 children will be diagnosed with various forms of cancer this year. Instead of being able to just be a kid, these children will be learning about the serious experiences of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hospital or clinic visits.

The money raised through Dining for Kids and the 2023 Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon stays in the Sioux Falls area.

5 Things South Dakota Gave the World

South Dakota may not get much respect. We get a blizzard and it's a footnote on the national scene, but if Florida gets a bit chilly it's breaking news. But, maybe it's fine to be forgotten about. We kind of like being left alone on our quiet piece of the plains.

South Dakota has given a lot to the world though. Not just giant mountain carvings and settings for HBO shows, but awesome things that the rest of the world should thank us for.

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