He was one of those kids at O'Gorman that everybody knew, he played sports and he did those great theatrical shows that O'Gorman is known for. According to Pigeon 605, he went by a lot of nicknames, primarily Joey Bezz or just Bezz.

Joseph Bezenek got into theater when he was a freshman at O'Gorman and is now playing a lead role in a movie based on a true event that occurred in North Dakota.

You can catch “End of the Rope,” at the historic State Theatre at 316 South Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls, on Monday, August 7, at 7 PM.

The story is one of vigilante justice with Bezenek playing the head vigilante. The incident occurred in 1931 in North Dakota and is considered to be the last instance of a lynching in the state.

Tickets are $13 and are available online right now.

Joseph will be at the screening and you'll be able to reconnect with him or meet him for the first time after the movie. You're encouraged to get your tickets before they sell out.

This is your chance to see this O'Gorman and Millikin University graduate at the beginning of what is turning out to be a very busy and impressive acting career.

For more information on Joseph Bezenek and the movie see Pigeon 605 or Eventbrite.

Source: Pigeon 605

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