When I moved to Sioux Falls in 1981 I found a one-stop, 7-day-a-week, place for all kinds of things. Especially during the holidays, this store really had a cozy feel to it. It didn't hurt that the employees were particularly friendly and helpful.

All these years later Lewis is still my go-to for everything from prescriptions to flu shots, cat food to car deodorizers, cards and gifts of all kinds, and let's not forget - -wine.

81 years. That is just how long Lewis has been a reliable and wondrous place to shop.

Like a lot of people, one of my favorite times to shop at Lewis is the holidays. And they are quickly coming our way. Thankfully, Lewis has their famous Ladies Event on Wednesday and Thursday, November 8 and 9.

You can save 20% off of everything and that includes regular-priced items, sale items, and even clearance merchandise. Some exclusions apply, so just ask about them at your Lewis store.

There will be free taste testing of various goodies and wine-tasting too. Make sure to use your Lewis App and register to win App Rewards and one of four $500 Lewis gift cards.

Think about it- - you could save 20% off gifts for everyone on your list! And even though it is the Lewis Ladies Event, you could bring along your favorite guy, too.

Who Is the 'Lewis' of Lewis Drug? Here's The Story

To answer the essential question of 'Who is the 'Lewis' of Lewis Drug?', let's take a little trip. Well, actually, more than a little trip. We're hopping into the time machine here.


Ah, here we are. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1942.

In many ways, it is not the best of times. What has become known as the Great Depression was still having its effects. It might have been in the rearview mirror, but it lingered still.

And, just a few months before, Pearl Harbor happened and we were into World War II. The country was more than jittery. This was going to be more than tough, this was going to be life-changing.

Gallery Credit: Randy McDaniel

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