We already know that Levitt at the Falls will be announcing their full concert season on May 4th and that the first of 50 FREE concerts will happen on Friday, June 2nd.

Now we also know about the fabulous concert that will happen at the Levitt Shell later in June!

The 2023 Levitt National Tour will present GRAMMY-winning La Santa Cecilia at the Sioux Falls Levitt Shell on Saturday, June 24, 2023, for an energetic evening of cumbia, rock, bolero, bossa nova, and more.

 La Santa Cecilia is the first announced artist of the Levitt at the Falls 2023 season, which will open on Friday, June 2nd, and conclude on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

The Levitt Foundation is proud to present La Santa Cecilia as the headlining artist for the 2023 Levitt National Tour. A Los Angeles institution, the GRAMMY-winning band combines elements of cumbia, rock, bolero, bossa nova, jazz, tango, and ranchera into an electrifying and unmistakable signature style.

You may be familiar with many of those musical terms, but I had to look up cumbia and ranchera. Cumbia is Latin-American rhythm folk dance music, driven by drums, with a long history that runs through numerous Latin-American countries.

Ranchera is described as simple Mexican folk songs.

The combination of all these genres is sure to produce an electric and eclectic music explosion at the Levitt!

Named after the patron saint of music, La Santa Cecilia is comprised of singer Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez, accordionist, and requinto (guitar) player Jose “Pepe” Carlos, bassist Alex Bendaña, and percussionist Miguel “Oso” Ramirez.

Formed 15 years ago, the group got its start performing on L.A.’s historic Olvera Street, and soon began captivating audiences across the world with a soulful, high-energy blend of both Latin and American musical traditions, reflecting its members’ bilingual, multicultural identities.

La Santa Cecilia has collaborated with everyone from Los Lobos and Pepe Aguilar to Elvis Costello and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, as well as recorded songs for films such as CantinflasThe Book of Life, and Pixar’s Oscar-winning Coco.

Having performed at storied venues like the Hollywood Bowl, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Kennedy Center, La Santa Cecilia has also made their name as a fan favorite on Levitt stages all over the country and is sure to be one in Sioux Falls this June!

Source: Levitt Sioux Falls

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