If the last race you were in, involved getting to the TV remote before your spouse, or the bathroom before your kids, or even back in grade school - - this is the race for you!

This year the Compass Center's 0.5K, "South Dakota's Laziest Race" returns on Saturday, July 15, starting at 11 AM on the grounds of JJ's Wine, Spirits, & Cigars at 3000 W 57th Street. JJ's is sponsoring the event and will be there for you at the start of the event and meet you at the end of this non-strenuous, but worthwhile non-race.

You'll be raising funds for the Compass Center in Sioux Falls, which "works with survivors of sexual and domestic violence, providing counseling and advocacy services at no cost for as long as service is needed".

It is sad to know that around 1,000 people a year receive help from the Compass Center, all at no cost. This lazy race is a way for all of us to support the survivors in Sioux Falls.

The cost to enter is only $30, (for 12 & under it's free) costumes are strongly encouraged and you'll receive a tasty libation (either a beer or perhaps a root beer) upon completion of this very lazy competition.

If the pace of this 1/3 of a mile walk (I mean come on, it's not really a race) wears you out - no problem, there will be rest area stations where you can hang out with like-minded lazy peeps, or just sit, or take part in some fun activities.

You get a ton of goodies, just for registering and there are door prizes, as well as a prize for Best Costume and Best Rest Area.

Let's say that even getting off the couch is a bit more exercise than you want to do, but you still want to help, that couldn't be easier - - just donate online.

For more information on South Dakota's "Laziest Race "see The Compass Center online.

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