I deplore the winter months. So dare I say, half of the year here in South Dakota is generally unbearable for a thin-skinned person like myself most years.

I would much rather be making my own gravy in June, July, and August, than doing the blizzard boogie during November through April.

While it's true, so far this summer, it's been Hotter Than July, as Stevie Wonder would say. I did a little checking, and we are still quite a few degrees off from the highest temperature ever recorded in South Dakota.

What Is the Highest Temperature Ever Recorded in South Dakota?

That happened during the summer of 2006. According to the National Weather Service,  Fort Pierre, right smack in the middle of the state, reached a whopping temp of 120 degrees Fahrenheit on July 15th.

Even a heat lover like me might bitch about the temp at that point. But then again, probably not.

The hottest day in Sioux Falls (so far) was June 21, 1988, when temps climbed to 110 degrees.

Our lady of blessed central air don't fail us now!


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