A new year can mean a fresh start for a job search or career exploration, or to use a phrase from Wallet Hub, a "complete life overhaul".

Wallet Hub's latest study is on that very subject of jobs. Like most of their in-depth studies, they're looking for the best places for people to find a variety of things. The best places to be single, or to be happy, or to be a working mom, etc.

To put this jobs study in motion they looked at 182 of the largest cities in the country and compared them in multiple categories. So this is not to say there aren't great jobs in smaller communities, but this study just looked at the largest cities in the U.S.

In the Job Market category, they examined issues like job opportunities, employment growth, unemployment rates, average starting salaries, job satisfaction, and access to employee benefits.

In the Socio-Economics category, they looked at median annual incomes, average work and commute times, housing affordability, safety, family-friendliness, and recreation opportunities, among other issues.

South Dakota's Best Large Cities for Jobs

Iowa's Best Large Cities for Jobs

  • Des Moines - came in 46th nationally
  • Cedar Rapids - came in at 106

Minnesota's Best Large Cities for Jobs

  • Minneapolis - Placed 20th nationally
  • St. Paul - came in 94th

The Top 5 Best Large Cities to Find a Job:

  1. Scottsdale, AZ
  2. Tampa, FL
  3. Salt Lake City, UT
  4. Columbia, MD
  5. Austin, TX

You can check out the complete study at Wallet Hub.

Source: Wallet Hub

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