Over the weekend I had the TV on and kept seeing a boatload (no pun intended) of Long John Silver's ads and I remember thinking to myself, wow, are they still even open?

I know the Sioux Falls Long John Silver's location which was formally on Minnesota Avenue has been closed for nearly a decade now. I believe that particular location walked the plank way back in October of 2014 when its franchise owner at the time was closing a number of underperforming restaurants throughout the region.

The empty Sioux Falls location eventually became a Gilberto's Mexican restaurant. But even they vacated the old Long John's building a few year's ago when they had the opportunity to move next door to occupy a vacant Wendy's restaurant that closed its doors in October of 2019.

Former Long John Silvers, now Giliberto's on S. Minnesota Ave (Google Maps)
Former Long John Silver's, now Giliberto's on S. Minnesota Ave (Google Maps)
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To be honest, I always kinda liked Long John Silver's food, maybe a little too much, as I was about 50 pounds heavier at the time I was eating their menu with a degree of regularity.

I remember those Long John Silver's hush puppies being as addictive as crack cocaine, which would help to explain why I looked like a distant relative of the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man back then.

Anyway, I digress.

With it being lent, Long John's and numerous other restaurants that specialize in a lenten-friendly menu have upped their advertising campaigns right now. So if all these Long John Silver's ads that are bombarding your TV at the moment have you jonesing for some fish and chips, you will need to do a little driving to find a Long John's location that is still open here in South Dakota.

Supposedly there are still three South Dakota Long John Silver's locations still in operation. With the closest being 160 miles north of Sioux Falls in Aberdeen.  The other two can be found West River in Rapid City and in Spearfish.

But don't fear me hearties, the simple solution for all you hardcore Long John Silver's fans out there whose mouth is watering right about now for a big ole $6.00 shrimp basket is to hop in the car and head south. Shiver me timbers if there still isn't a Long John's location just 75 miles away on Sergeant Road in Sioux City right in front of the Southern Hills Mall.

Arrr matey looks like a road trip might be in order this weekend. Popcorn shrimp and hush puppies here we come!

Source: Long John Silver's.com

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