Worst Intersections in Sioux Falls

As far as traffic jams go, Sioux Falls does pretty well. We tend to have well-planned traffic flows and regular updates to the roads.

That's not to say that everything is perfect. There are some intersections in Sioux Falls the smart diver tries to avoid at all costs. Intersections where the traffic is so heavy it's easy to forget that we live here and not in Omaha.

We asked on social media what you, the people who drive the streets every day, think are the worst intersections in Sioux Falls.

Spoiler Alert: Sioux Falls people still hate the roundabouts. They really hate them:

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

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Where Are You Most Likely to Encounter a Tornado in South Dakota?

The folks at Stacker crunched the numbers to find the top 10 South Dakota counties likely to see tornados.

NOTE: "Since counties can vary in size, they are ranked by the number of tornadoes per 100 square miles." - Stacker

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

See How East 10th Street in Sioux Falls Has Changed

It's really interesting using Google Streetview to compare the changes from the earliest pictures to the latest.

For Sioux Falls, the earliest views are from 2008 and the latest from early 2022.

Some of the looks aren't the clearest, but it still gives a real good look at how dynamic the east side of Sioux Falls is.



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