Cleaning--you either love it or hate it. Thankfully, for those who hate it (or are just unable to keep up) there are people like this TikToker who are there to help.

TikTok Cleaner Cleans the Dirtiest Homes

If you've seen the television show Hoarders, those are the kind of dirty spaces we're talking about. If you haven't, just imagine using your house as a giant trash can for years without ever cleaning it. And that's exactly where TikTok cleaner Aurikatariina wants to do some work.

She's built a community of 11 million followers on TikTok tuning in to watch her transform the grimiest of spaces into clean, livable areas. Rats, mold, cockroaches...Auri isn't fazed. In fact, the dirtier the space, the more she seems to enjoy cleaning it. She has to considering she does it all for FREE.

TikTok Cleaner Helps Families for Free

There has to be a sense of pride in knowing that she's changing these families lives. On her TikTok page she showcases tons of different situations where people reach out to her in need of serious help. Like the video below that received 223.8 million views (when we last checked) of her cleaning the home of a 13-year-old girl and her mom.

They were embarrassed to ask for help at first, as they feared they'd be judged. Trash overwhelmed their kitchen, and cockroaches infested their refrigerator and counter tops. That's nothing for this cleaning queen.

After seeing what Auri can do, the mom was overwhelmed with appreciation, and wanted a hug. The daughter laughed at how the kitchen echoed when all the trash was gone. She truly gave them a fresh start.

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This neatness empress takes elderly folks, single moms, and everyone in between from living with cockroaches and rats to cleanliness and relief. It's truly remarkable.

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