While most of us were hunkering down to stay warm during Louisiana's recent freeze, Olympic figure skating champion Oksana Baiul used her driveway as an impromptu ice rink, showcasing her skills in a video that has quickly gone viral.

First things first: When did Oksana Baiul move to Louisiana?

Oksana Baiul, the celebrated Ukrainian skater who captivated the world with her gold medal win at the 1994 Winter Olympics, has been living a quieter life in Shreveport, LA since 2015.

According to her Wikipedia page, "Baiul is married to her manager, Carlo Farina. She now uses the name Oksana Baiul-Farina. They reside in Shreveport, Louisiana with their daughter, Sophia (born 2015)."

While the Olympic gold medalist may be a long way from home, the recent cold snap in Louisiana provided Baiul with an unexpected opportunity to revisit her ice-skating roots right at her doorstep.

The charming video, shared widely on social media, features Baiul gracefully gliding on the thin layer of ice covering her driveway. In a humorous twist, she even incorporates a pool float, demonstrating that her sense of fun is as intact as her skating skills. This light-hearted approach to the unusual weather has endeared her even more to her fans and local residents—especially the Louisiana locals who didn't even realize she'd been their neighbors for nearly a decade.

Baiul, who moved to the United States after her Olympic win, has been a part of various TV appearances and benefit skates since turning professional. She has authored two books, including a memoir about her life. While her days of competitive skating might be behind her, her love for the sport evidently remains strong.

Known for its warm climate and distinct lack of ice rinks, Shreveport is an unlikely home for a winter sports star, yet Baiul and her family seem to have embraced it wholeheartedly; and after recently planning a possible exit, the ice may have kept them here just a little longer.

Thought…when you moved to #Shreveport and have sadly been deprived of ice beneath my golden blades for almost 2 years…and you are planning your exit…God opens up the sky and blessed us with private ice in our backyard, literally. . It doesn’t snow in #Shreveport they say, well remember #God is always watching and hears our #prayers, always! ⛸️❄️

As a resident of Shreveport since confirming her move on social media through a light-hearted bat removal video, Baiul has become something of a local celebrity.

There is speculation about whether she might offer skating lessons or help cultivate new talent in the area, but for now, her fans are content to see her enjoying life and bringing a touch of Olympic magic to Louisiana, even on a driveway turned ice rink.

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