At this point, we probably all feel like we have seen it all. Social media has left nothing to the imagination these days, but we never would have thought this up in all of our wildest dreams.

A man, who Barstool has deemed a 'Costco Veteran,' has gone viral for a truly bizarre reason. He wore a T-shirt to Costco with a barcode that was identical to the one found on the rotisserie chickens. Pretty incredible, we know.

But on a serious note, who is going to tell this man that the additives in the chicken, combined with the chemicals in the plastic container, are absolutely more harmful than scanning them? Also, is it even harmful to scan things with an LED? Better yet, if the LED really is the concern here, why on earth would you have the cashier scan your chest? I digress. Maybe the guy just really likes chicken. Really REALLY likes it.

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To echo what Barstool says in their blog post, the jury is still out on how 'real' this is, he really did wear the shirt and the casheier really did scan it 5 times instead of scanning the actual chickens but, did he really think it was better to scan himself? We have no way of knowing his actual intentions but the video is entertaining to say the least.

Is it that the LED from the scanner is somehow harmful? Because those chickens have been loaded up with more steroids and preservatives than you could ever imagine anyway and if the LED is bad for a rotisserie chicken, why are you taking the scans straight to the heart?

After seeing the barcode video I did some 'research' on this guy, and by research I mean googled him until I found his other content. TikToker OldJewishMen is known for making costco content similar to the one that is currently going viral. The best part of videos like this is reading the comments.

At this point even if his goal is to be a walking Costco Meme, we are here for it. His content never bothers anyone its just kinda silly. He was also responsible for 'Keep hotdogs 1.50' meme that was circulating for a while.


So whether he wore a t-shirt with the rotisserie chicken barcode as a fashion statement or for views, we support it.

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