If you want to enjoy internationally renowned chocolates, it turns out that you don't have to travel too far at all. In fact, you'll just need to visit a small Minnesota town with a population of just over 600 people.

Recently, the St. Croix Chocolate Company, located in Marine on Saint Croix, entered the International Chocolate Awards American division, where they ended up winning several awards. That allowed them to next compete in the global competition in Florence, Italy.

The St. Croix Chocolate company noted on its website that the International Chocolate Awards are the largest craft chocolate competition in the world. Judging is done by highly trained chocolate professionals who score each product on characteristics such as flavor, texture, and balance.

Recently, those awards were held in Italy, and the St. Croix Chocolate Company ended up winning big.

On Sunday, they announced through their Facebook page that they had Bronze for their Macadamia Bonbons (in the caramels with combined chocolates category). According to their website, this was the chocolate that had earned Gold in the Americas regional division.

Shortly after sharing that great news, they had even bigger news to share!  The St. Croix Chocolate Company had won a Silver Award for its new Burnt Cinnamon and Bourbon bar.

In addition to a layer of bourbon caramel, it features a ganache filling made by infusing flame-charred cinnamon sticks in cream, then surrounding the filling with brown butter milk chocolate.

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They proudly pointed out that this award recognizes the bar as one of the world’s best. While I have yet to try it, it does sound amazing.

Huge congratulations are to everyone at the St. Croix Chocolate Company for an amazing performance in Italy.

If you'd like to visit the St. Croix Chocolate Company, they are located at 261 Parker Street in Marine on St. Croix, which is 10 miles north of Stillwater, Minnesota.

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