It's not every day that you meet a family of five young adults who each own successful businesses. Especially in the same small community. Therefore, I've developed the ‘It’s Possible in Platte′ series. Through the course of five articles, you'll learn about a group of millennial, entrepreneurial cousins in the Samuelson family and their paths to success. 

Many people have a hard time figuring out what they'd like to do for a career, even after they've completed their first few years of college. But Geddes, SD resident Jennifer (Samuelson) Oberbroekling knew what she wanted to do before she even graduated high school.

In 2004, as Oberbroekling was getting her senior pictures done, she quickly took an interest in what the photographer did with photos after they were taken. Witnessing the photographer manipulate and edit the photos by adding elements like text was very intriguing to Jennifer.

In that moment, she decided graphic design was a career she would like to explore herself.

After graduating from Platte High School, Oberbroekling pursued her dreams by attending Southeast Technical Institute for Graphic Communications. Soon after completing the program, she got a job at Custom Printing in Platte.

Custom Printing, Platte
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Oberbroekling worked there for three years before the women who owned the shop decided to retire. Jennifer enjoyed her career at Custom Printing so much that she went ahead and bought the business herself.

The young entrepreneur, now age 29, has owned Custom Printing for five years and still loves what she does: “I love how my job doesn’t keep me at one task. I do so many different things and use so many different machines in a day, it keeps it interesting.”

Custom Printing specializes in wedding invitations, newsletters and brochures, copying, letterhead, business cards, labels, laminating, self-inking and rubber stamps, computer business checks, carbonless forms, specialty paper sales and fax services.

Oberbroekling says that over the years, the heartwarming community has certainly been gracious: “I love having my business in Platte. Platte and the surrounding area have supported me so much and I have the best customers!”

Custom Printing can be found in downtown Platte at 318 Main St. For more information, email or call (605) 337-2390.

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