The Baby Boomer's. It is a huge generation. It's the generation that landed on the planet when the fella's came back home from World War II. Baby Boomer's are generally those that were born somewhere between 1946 and 1964. And what does that mean?

They're retiring in droves. says that over the next decade 12 million businesses will be sold by Baby Boomer's. That's right, 12 million! And that's good for the Millennial's.

Over $10 trillion in assets will be changing hands. It will be moving from those aging Boomer's to the younger generation, the Millennial's. And that presents a terrific opportunity.

The article goes on to say if you're a young entrepreneur, don't overlook existing businesses. Why? Minimal upfront costs, low risk and established cash flow.

So then the question becomes, 'How do I find a business to buy'? They have advice for that, too.

And of course you'll get some great pointers from the people you're buying the business from as well. After all, they probably built it and will want to see it succeed in the coming years.

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