It's 1961 and Johnny Cash has just five minutes to live.


I knew Johnny Cash was in several Made-For-TV-Movies, had made a bunch of guest appearances on television series (loved him in the westerns) and of course had his groundbreaking TV hit The Johnny Cash Show. But I didn't realize he was also a huge movie star!

Well, maybe not huge, but a movie star to, ah, some degree!

In 1961 Johnny was already a worldwide country (and rock) star, so it probably seemed the natural next step would be to move to the big screen. And that's just what the future 'Man In Black' did.

The movie was called 'Five Minutes To Live' and while it may not go down in movie history alongside 'Gone With The Wind' or 'Citizen Kane', I'm bettin' his fans loved it, a chance to see this bigger-than-life star on the big screen.

It's interesting to not a couple of the other names in the movie. Remember Vic Tayback? He later was 'Mel' at Mel's Diner in the comedy series hit 'Alice'. And you would also have seen Opie in the film. Ooops, I mean a little guy named Ron Howard. Gee, i wonder whatever happened to him?

Oh, and by the way, the film was re-released in 1966 under a new name.

'Door-To-Door Maniac'.

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