I noticed more college-age students this week are entering into the Sioux Empire.  Just seeing more cars from out of state is a sign that classes and college football are about to get underway.

Before students can start hitting the books or drinking a lot of coffee, I came across this checklist you might need for school.  This list is especially helpful for freshmen entering college in case they aren't sure what to bring.

The Odyssey names 25 items you probably never thought of buying when you first move in.  I can relate to buying a lot of these items on the list and they were helpful.  Here are some items on the list that caught my attention:

1) Containers to pack all your small stuff in

2) A small fan

3) A drawer set

4) Vanity organizer

5) Hamper and wash basket all in one

6) Detergent-not Pods

7) HDMI Cord

8) Rain boots, rain coat, umbrella

9) Power strip with long cords

10) Area rug

I'll admit...I went to the store right away as a freshman to get all these items on the list.  The only thing I don't necessarily agree with is detergent instead of Pods.  Does a Pod sometime explode on a clothing item, yes.  Can you easily take care of the problem by doing another rinse cycle, yes.  That's an easy solution.  I would say Pods are the best way to wash clothes if you've never done it before.

I never had rain boots until I went to college.  It rained so much that fall for whatever reason.  When we had our first break, my mom and I made it a priority to purchase a pair of rain boots.  My boots one of the best purchases I've made.

See if you agree with the rest of the list on Odyssey!  You might have new ideas to start an awesome school year!

Source: Odyssey

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