Be careful, what you do for enjoyment staying connected socially day to day with your device, could end up costing you big bucks. A new study says that social media plays a big part in Americans overspending.

You see your friends and all the cool things they buy and do, and you want to keep up. Kind of like the old saying, keeping up with the Jones'. Only way more intense because it never stops.

Maybe back before social media, after not seeing anything for a year happening next door, all of a sudden, there sits a brand new car in the driveway next door. Now your spouse wants a new car too.

But now, with social media, every 15 minutes someone is sending you photos of new cars, furniture, bathroom remodels and the list goes on and on.

Then someone sends you a photo of their plate of food at the newest and hottest restaurant in town. Now you want to go too.

Then here come pictures of your friends on vacation at an exotic resort. after seeing how much fun that family is having, don't you feel like booking a vacation for your family?

See what I mean? Be careful not to overspend due to temptations from social media. Things could get way out of control.

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